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Books for Hikers and Nature Lovers

If you are a hiker or general lover of nature, chances are you would like to read books about nature and the outdoors. I, too, love hiking and reading books about all aspects of nature and the environment. I read so many eco-themed books that I decided to launch a book blog dedicated solely to books about nature, the environment, and the outdoors.

My new blog is called the Earth Matters Book Club ( The blog has tons of themed lists about books you can read about nature. From books about climate change to books about animals, there's a list to help you find some new reads.

My latest post is a list of books that might be of particular interest to hikers. You can read it here.

I've also curated a series of lists on If you are new to Bookshop, you can choose an independent bookstore to support with your purchases. The company was started to try to compete with Amazon and support indie shops.

The Earth Matters Book Club is an affiliate blog, meaning that if you read about one of my recommendations and click on a link, I may earn a small commission if you end up buying something. It's one way you can support small businesses like mine.

I hope you check out the Earth Matters Book Club and find a great book to read. The blog is still in its early stages, but I plan to grow it to include constantly updated new releases.

I've also got a Facebook page and Instagram page for the Earth Matters Book Club. Check social media and the blog itself for updates.


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