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3rd Edition - What's New & Different

A sandy hiking trail surrounded by deciduous trees
Rancocas State Park is a new addition to 60 Hikes

I’m excited to announce that the 3rd edition of 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Philadelphia will be released in Spring, 2023. When I took over the writing of this book, my goal was to rework the guide and make it more user friendly and diverse. During the early days of the pandemic, more and more people than ever laced up their hiking boots and hit the trail. I took that to heart and wanted to make sure I included information about year-round hiking, particularly in winter.

This edition of 60 Hikes features 10 new hikes. A few of those hikes are old places with new treks. But I took the time to explore places new to me in the hopes of finding some awesome new places to share with you. One of my new favorite places that is included in the book is a gorgeous hike in the pine barrens of New Jersey: Brendan Byrne State Forest, as seen in photo. Other new hikes include Awbury Arboretum, a lovely slice of green right inside the city, and a hilly jaunt in a historic cemetery, Laurel Hill West. You might also happen upon nests of snapping turtles as I did when scouting out a new hike at Rancocas State Park.

There is literally something for everyone, or at least I tried my best to include a variety of hikes, from urban strolls to meandering walks to solid elevation gain and peaceful places to grab a snack. I also updated all the directions, which are so up-to-date, I actually happened upon a ranger painting new blazes on a re-labeled trail.

So, grab your boots and get ready to experience Philadelphia in a different way — on the trail!


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